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Image by Daniel Gregoire

About White Daisy Productions+

At White Daisy Productions+, our name reflects our unwavering commitment to inclusivity, as we believe that art, mental health, and creativity should be accessible to all. The word 'inclusive' encapsulates our core values of embracing diversity, fostering equality, and creating a welcoming space for everyone to express themselves.

Through our inclusive approach, we ensure that individuals who are deaf, neurodivergent, and people with disabilities are not only represented but celebrated within our artistic community. We strive to break down barriers, amplify diverse voices, and provide a platform where each person's unique perspective can shine.

The symbolism of the colour white representing courage and exploration within artistic endeavours resonates strongly with the idea of art as a means of self-expression and personal growth. It reminds us of the potential for healing and self-discovery that can be found through creative exploration.

The choice of the daisy as a symbol of mental health and well-being is significant. The daisy's delicate petals and resilience reflect the human experience, encompassing both vulnerability and strength. It serves as a reminder that despite challenges, there is always the potential for growth, renewal, and the cultivation of well-being.  The white daisy is also seen as a symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts. It represents the idea of a clean slate, offering hope and optimism for the future.

White Daisy Productions+ is more than just a name; it represents our dedication to nurturing an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. We believe that art has the power to heal, inspire, and ignite positive change in individuals' lives. By embracing inclusivity, we aim to bridge the gaps, spark connections, and cultivate a supportive community that fosters growth, understanding, and creative exploration.

Join us on this inclusive journey as we paint a vibrant and diverse canvas of artistic expression, where differences are celebrated and creativity knows no bounds. At White Daisy Productions+, we are committed to creating an inclusive space where art, mental health, and the power of community converge to create a more vibrant and interconnected world.

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